Super Comittee

This new “Super Committee” congress is at present forming is a very, very scary, not to mention unconstitutional transfer of power. This team of criminals will have powers never intended for a simple committee. Get ready for the debt ceiling to be abolished, and Obongo & the other donkturds to be handed a blank check to finish off what’s left of the American economy. The geldicans will fold. Take that to the bank. They always have, they always will. Why? Because, in my opinion, they may claim to be moral individuals, but in truth, have sold out to the highest bidder. Be it to the libturds or simply to keep riding their gravy train as far as possible. Neither side gives a rats’ ass what happens to this country. Just keep up the illusion as long as necessary to collect as much from their free ride as possible. Must be nice to collect a great salary, line your pockets in other ways, get the finest health care available, & then retire wealthy. That seems to be their only goal. Had enough?

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