How Much American Blood?

How much American blood must be shed for a sorry bunch of Ragheads? Sorry, but I can’t seem to equate the cost. Total B.S.! Americas’ best are supposed to give their lives for a bunch of ungrateful, scumsucking, squawking , raghead, scumbags? What idiot is in charge of this?  Guess it must be some muslum scumbag, no account, mudsucker. Totally disgusting. The stench is unbearable.

I just saw on T.V., a story about Iraqis moving to America, taking advantage of what freedom we have left, making money, & returning & squawking about how bad things are. Led by Tom Brokaw. BULLSHIT. Returning vets have been labelled terrorists by DHS. WTF? The hero of this bullshit was a lesbian army officer. WTF? I just fail to understand why any American would give a rats’ ass about a bunch of ragheads above an American Veteran.  Totally pissed, fed up ,etc.

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