It’s incest I tell ya. I’m totally shocked. The Old Womans’ two cats that are brother & sister, have mated & produced kittens. I’m totally speechless. Don’t they know incest is against the law? Sounds kinda like the donkturds & geldicans, don’t it? All the morals of an an alley cat. America needs @ least one other choice, or several. We have let the geldicans & donkturds take turns @ us way too long. Tea Party? Maybe, but I’m not wealthy enough to participate or even help financially support any political party or any other group. Maybe you are, hope so. How do we, the not so wealthy folks accomplish what we need? No one person has all the answers. If anyone claims to, watch out! They are either full of B.S., or the Anti-Christ. Speaking of being full of B.S., anybody listening to the latest crap from the District of Criminals? I have learned that in the case of most politicians, if their lips are moving, they’re probably excreting B.S. I’m sick & tired of having to choose “the lesser of two evils”. Take your pick. The Geldican Socialist Party, or the Donkturd Communist Party. Some choice.

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