The fed chairman is royalty?

The fed chairman is royalty? KISS MY ASS!!! We don’t recognize royalty in America! Who promoted this bald headed cocksucker to any position of importance?Definitely not a Patriot. nothing more than a “useful idiot”.The “FED” is NOT federal! They are thieves.

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The murder of Seal Team Six

I know absolutely nothing about “Special Ops”, be it Navy Seals, Army Rangers, Green Berets, etc. But this shit stinks. Even I can see this is total Bravo Sierra. Apparently, the Navy Seals murdered by possible CIA operators in Afghanistan was to silence them. Possibly they knew too much about the assassination of Obama Bin Laden.Well, no shit, they knew everything! Somebody (obongo) is afraid, very afraid. Too many real Patriots knew too much. They had to be taken out. This thing stinks more than the “operation fast &furious ” scandal. WHEN, or IF congress wakes up, will the guilty be prosecuted? Won’t be done by the geldicans.

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Why Do These Corporations?

Why do companies continue to push the “green lie”?. Could they realize shrinking profits & be grasping at algores’ charlatain con game? Yes, I know I can’t spell, but the point is the same. Every company left in this country is trying to jump on the “green” bandwagon. As algore says, bullshit! They won’t get any money from me by “going green”. As soon as I see this, I walk away. No matter what they’re selling.Maybe that’s the plan. Run all American companies out of the country, then help those that subscribe to the “green economy”.  Unpossible, right?

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Shortage of Criminals

There is, apparently, a shortage of criminals in this country. The alphabet govt. agencies are running out of real criminals to investigate/arrest. In order to justify their growing budgets & power, they must criminalize everyone in order to look like they are accomplishing anything. The maggot just keeps getting fatter, consuming more taxpayers money & usurping power from the states & their people. That’s how I envision the current regime. A large, fat, maggot parasite feeding off the taxpayers & growing fatter every day.

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Super Comittee

This new “Super Committee” congress is at present forming is a very, very scary, not to mention unconstitutional transfer of power. This team of criminals will have powers never intended for a simple committee. Get ready for the debt ceiling to be abolished, and Obongo & the other donkturds to be handed a blank check to finish off what’s left of the American economy. The geldicans will fold. Take that to the bank. They always have, they always will. Why? Because, in my opinion, they may claim to be moral individuals, but in truth, have sold out to the highest bidder. Be it to the libturds or simply to keep riding their gravy train as far as possible. Neither side gives a rats’ ass what happens to this country. Just keep up the illusion as long as necessary to collect as much from their free ride as possible. Must be nice to collect a great salary, line your pockets in other ways, get the finest health care available, & then retire wealthy. That seems to be their only goal. Had enough?

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How Much American Blood?

How much American blood must be shed for a sorry bunch of Ragheads? Sorry, but I can’t seem to equate the cost. Total B.S.! Americas’ best are supposed to give their lives for a bunch of ungrateful, scumsucking, squawking , raghead, scumbags? What idiot is in charge of this?  Guess it must be some muslum scumbag, no account, mudsucker. Totally disgusting. The stench is unbearable.

I just saw on T.V., a story about Iraqis moving to America, taking advantage of what freedom we have left, making money, & returning & squawking about how bad things are. Led by Tom Brokaw. BULLSHIT. Returning vets have been labelled terrorists by DHS. WTF? The hero of this bullshit was a lesbian army officer. WTF? I just fail to understand why any American would give a rats’ ass about a bunch of ragheads above an American Veteran.  Totally pissed, fed up ,etc.

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They Work For Us???????

They Work For WTF? Federal employees campaigning? WTF???? “They work for us”??? WTF?  I can’t believe the audacity! They DON”T work for us!!! They work for themselves! DUH! Go ahead & fall for this crap. Anyone in their right mind wouldn’t believe this crap. These people have taken on the lying, “hope you’ll fall for this”, bullshit of the rest of the federal govt. & politicians . They are “Above” us. KISS MY ASS!!!!!, you worthless pieces of excrement! Just saw this on free T.V. channel, ION T.V. Time to secede. I still can’t believe what I heard. WTF?????

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It’s incest I tell ya. I’m totally shocked. The Old Womans’ two cats that are brother & sister, have mated & produced kittens. I’m totally speechless. Don’t they know incest is against the law? Sounds kinda like the donkturds & geldicans, don’t it? All the morals of an an alley cat. America needs @ least one other choice, or several. We have let the geldicans & donkturds take turns @ us way too long. Tea Party? Maybe, but I’m not wealthy enough to participate or even help financially support any political party or any other group. Maybe you are, hope so. How do we, the not so wealthy folks accomplish what we need? No one person has all the answers. If anyone claims to, watch out! They are either full of B.S., or the Anti-Christ. Speaking of being full of B.S., anybody listening to the latest crap from the District of Criminals? I have learned that in the case of most politicians, if their lips are moving, they’re probably excreting B.S. I’m sick & tired of having to choose “the lesser of two evils”. Take your pick. The Geldican Socialist Party, or the Donkturd Communist Party. Some choice.

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Blatant Corruption

I’m finally convinced, after the recent congress vote on the deficit that the entire government is totally corrupt. I’ve considered this before, but have been willing to give the benefit of the doubt. No doubt, they can’t get much more corrupt. Some claim incompetence. I call bullshit. Nobody is this incompetent.  The continued idiocy, stupidity, & absolute criminal behavior approaches the absurd. My contempt is beyond expression. The stench is totally overwhelming. I am thoroughly, totally disgusted, fed up, pissed off, etc. Words fail me @ this point.

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