Norway Shooting

What if? What if even one person had been armed & trained on that island in Norway? Norway has looked down their noses @ the USA for a long time. I guess they think their politically correct attitude would protect them. They have no Second Amendment.  The man/men that committed this crime must be lunatics. I understand the political differences, but to bomb a city & murder 92 young people?  He/ they had to have known no one on that island would be armed. It’s like the businesses in this country that display “No guns allowed” signs. Makes them easy targets for criminals, whether the criminals are armed or not. Most likely, everyone inside is going to wet their pants & hide under something, even if the criminals walk in with a wiffle bat. I say Norway brought this on themselves by becoming feminized bed wetting cowards. If the criminals know they will face possible fatal consequences, they will think twice. Notice, the perpetrator surrendered. He didn’t go out in a “blaze of glory”. Coward. The right to keep & bear arms was put into the Bill of Rights for several reasons. Self defense only being one of those. Armed citizens could have stopped this terrible crime. Possibly before anyone got injured or killed. But the libturds would rather that didn’t happen so they can use the event to further their anti-American agenda. The only thing that might change their minds would be if they were the victims themselves. Maybe.

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