The Great Illusion

Don’t be fooled by the empty words from anyone in the District of Criminals. Nothing matters except political positioning, staying in office. I sincerely doubt there is a single politician that gives a rats’ hind end what happens to America. They are sacrificing America for their own personal gain. That’s all that matters to them.  The public are nothing more than their servants. When govt. serves the people, things are as they should be. The opposite is happening now. This monster is totally out of control.

During the first American Revolution, only 3% of the American population fought against the tyrants. 3% ! Just as today, as long as the status quo can be maintained financially, that’s all that matters to most Americans. It’s not their fight. They don’t care. Many moved west to escape the war. They allowed others to pay for the liberty they coveted, but were not willing to defend. I find it difficult to understand why every kind of sexual deviate, pervert, criminal, anti-American scum is repeatedly elected to office. The only thing I can attribute this to is the moral decay in this country.  We have been conned into accepting “the lesser of two evils” for so long we have no other choice. It seems as if the two main political parties take turns waging war against the American public. They seem to be, on the surface, different. But in the end, everything seems to come out the same. Liberty continually eroded, oppressive taxation, the money wasted. Some squawk about entitlement programs, & I agree with a lot of it. But, one of the largest entitlement programs in the country is Congress & the White House. Think about it. They vote themselves exempt from liberty killing laws. They vote themselves pay raises, the best health care & retirement, & anything else that is to their benefit. At your expense. But if you’re reading this, you probably already realize that. What now?

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