Geldicans Fold

Well, looks like they’re gonna do it again. The Geldicans seem to be ready to fold as usual. Obviously all their talk about not raising taxes was so much horse crap. (no offense to horses intended). Business as usual in the District of Criminals. Of all the balless, sissie, self-serving acts of betrayal. I’ve renamed the Republicans, Geldicans. Because they are gelded, ball lacking sissies. Of course, all that matters is getting re-elected to be able to ride the gravy train farther. They are exempt from the economic slavery they impose on us. They have voted themselves a ride on the grandest gravy train in existence. I say they should be subject to the same health insurance, retirement plans, etc. as the American public & have the train derailed. How many would stay in office without the high salary, perks, retirement, health coverage, & what they can steal or manipulate to line their own pockets ? Still, the stench is overwhelming

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