Are the Police your friend? Do you really believe they are required to protect you?  If so, I think you may be somewhat disillusioned. 99 times out of 100, they show up after the fact & look for a “Person of Interest”.  Of course, a Cop is too heavy to carry around. Ever thought about arming yourself ? Perhaps being responsible for your own protection ? What?, you mean to say, I have to be responsible for something ? Yes. We are all responsible for our own personal defense. Do you think anybody else gives a Rats’ Ass whether you’re protected or not ? If a situation arises necessitating self-defense, you won’t have time to consider. The Po-Po are mostly concerned about getting promoted, pay raises, etc. Most complain the job ain’t worth what they’re getting paid to risk their lives. They want their cake & eat it too. They want the POWER that comes with the badge & gun, but don’t want the consequences that go with it. Trust me, there are consequences. Being passed over for promotion being the most serious. Then comes the situation where you might get your ass kicked, or cut, or shot, or run over, etc. Dangerous job. They knew this when they took the job. DUH!  Just as say, factory workers work around dangerous machinery all day. A large majority of  Cop fatalities occur in traffic accidents.  “Get out of my way you @#$#@#%”. Can’t you see I’m enroute to a serious call” ?  The Shit-For-Brains behind the wheel of the Cop car knows where he’s going, but, does anyone else ?  He/she  knows what he’s supposed to do when/if he/she gets there. Does anyone else ? Same thing when guns are drawn. Duh, do I shoot now  ?  Man, this is fun! I get to harass law abiding citizens, shoot anybody I please, eat free donuts, & get paid for it. What a racket !

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