4th of July

This is my all time favorite holiday. Even better than Christmas. We went to a local farm/market/deli/store. They sell fresh prime beef & pork from local farms. Bought two 1″ thick rib-eyes that we couldn’t necessarily afford. Seasoned w/ Montreal Steak seasoning, marinated for 2 hrs. in ref. Seared over screamin’ hot flame on the gas grill burner that’s burned out. Best steak I’ve ever had. Bar none. W/ store bought steaks, you usually get quite a bit of left over fat & gristle. With these, less than a tablespoon full. Guess the dog will be disappointed. I also have an emotional attachment to July 4th. Was my Dads’ birthday, &  my parents wedding anniversary,  aside from being the birthday of the greatest country & form of govt. that has ever existed on this earth. My Dad was a WWII Disabled Vet. Near fatally wounded @ the Battle of the Bulge. Spent the remainder of his life in a wheelchair. He lived to be 43 YOA dying from service connected injuries. Here’s to you Dad. (And Mom also).

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