Anti-Virus Scam

Ever been cut off from the internet by something called “Vista Anti-Virus”? They demand to extort $50-$80 from you to cure what they infected your computer with. I’m of the opinion that the anti-virus mfg.’s are the authors of the viruses. Create a problem, sell a solution. Anyway, 4 days & $55 later, I’m back online. Didn’t buy vista, though.

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NY Accomplishment

The Yankees in NY have finally found something they can do well. Marry their same sex partner. Wow, what an accomplishment. (sarcasm not accidental).

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Norway Shooting

What if? What if even one person had been armed & trained on that island in Norway? Norway has looked down their noses @ the USA for a long time. I guess they think their politically correct attitude would protect them. They have no Second Amendment.  The man/men that committed this crime must be lunatics. I understand the political differences, but to bomb a city & murder 92 young people?  He/ they had to have known no one on that island would be armed. It’s like the businesses in this country that display “No guns allowed” signs. Makes them easy targets for criminals, whether the criminals are armed or not. Most likely, everyone inside is going to wet their pants & hide under something, even if the criminals walk in with a wiffle bat. I say Norway brought this on themselves by becoming feminized bed wetting cowards. If the criminals know they will face possible fatal consequences, they will think twice. Notice, the perpetrator surrendered. He didn’t go out in a “blaze of glory”. Coward. The right to keep & bear arms was put into the Bill of Rights for several reasons. Self defense only being one of those. Armed citizens could have stopped this terrible crime. Possibly before anyone got injured or killed. But the libturds would rather that didn’t happen so they can use the event to further their anti-American agenda. The only thing that might change their minds would be if they were the victims themselves. Maybe.

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The Great Illusion

Don’t be fooled by the empty words from anyone in the District of Criminals. Nothing matters except political positioning, staying in office. I sincerely doubt there is a single politician that gives a rats’ hind end what happens to America. They are sacrificing America for their own personal gain. That’s all that matters to them.  The public are nothing more than their servants. When govt. serves the people, things are as they should be. The opposite is happening now. This monster is totally out of control.

During the first American Revolution, only 3% of the American population fought against the tyrants. 3% ! Just as today, as long as the status quo can be maintained financially, that’s all that matters to most Americans. It’s not their fight. They don’t care. Many moved west to escape the war. They allowed others to pay for the liberty they coveted, but were not willing to defend. I find it difficult to understand why every kind of sexual deviate, pervert, criminal, anti-American scum is repeatedly elected to office. The only thing I can attribute this to is the moral decay in this country.  We have been conned into accepting “the lesser of two evils” for so long we have no other choice. It seems as if the two main political parties take turns waging war against the American public. They seem to be, on the surface, different. But in the end, everything seems to come out the same. Liberty continually eroded, oppressive taxation, the money wasted. Some squawk about entitlement programs, & I agree with a lot of it. But, one of the largest entitlement programs in the country is Congress & the White House. Think about it. They vote themselves exempt from liberty killing laws. They vote themselves pay raises, the best health care & retirement, & anything else that is to their benefit. At your expense. But if you’re reading this, you probably already realize that. What now?

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The wife read my post about the Geldicans. Says it sounds like I hate politicians. I don’t hate them. There is no malice involved on a personal level. What I do hate are their actions, or lack thereof. Since the wife bases most of her decisions on emotion, I suppose I can understand why she thinks the post is hateful. I’m just politically incorrect.

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Moslem in the White House

As we can see, there is a Moslem in the White House. The T.V. show “OZ”, in real time.

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Geldicans Fold

Well, looks like they’re gonna do it again. The Geldicans seem to be ready to fold as usual. Obviously all their talk about not raising taxes was so much horse crap. (no offense to horses intended). Business as usual in the District of Criminals. Of all the balless, sissie, self-serving acts of betrayal. I’ve renamed the Republicans, Geldicans. Because they are gelded, ball lacking sissies. Of course, all that matters is getting re-elected to be able to ride the gravy train farther. They are exempt from the economic slavery they impose on us. They have voted themselves a ride on the grandest gravy train in existence. I say they should be subject to the same health insurance, retirement plans, etc. as the American public & have the train derailed. How many would stay in office without the high salary, perks, retirement, health coverage, & what they can steal or manipulate to line their own pockets ? Still, the stench is overwhelming

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Guilt Admitted

Today, Sen. Bob Corker, R-TN, admitted his own guilt as well as that of others in irresponsible management of our govt. His politically correct language was disgusting. Why can’t the Geldicans/Conservatives say & do what needs to be said & done ? Their seemingly cowardly approach to major national problems shows their main focus is in getting reelected & riding the gravy train as far as possible. They want to be “all things to all people”. Impossible. The donkturd liberals hate Conservatives anyway. Why bow down to them? They’re still going to hate you, no matter if you give them what they demand or not, so stop appeasing their every idiotic whim. Stand up ! Beg, buy, borrow, or steal a pair,  but stop whining & stand your ground. If it’s your fault, stop whining about hoping there will be a solution. Your job is to find proper solutions that are best for this country instead of your own personal interests. Again, the stench from the District of Criminals is overwhelming.

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Obongos’ Wardrobe

Mooshelle tells Obongo he needs to add some color to his wardrobe. She instructs him to go to Cox Dept. Store & buy a Seersucker suit. Of course, he forgets his teleprompter, & goes to Sears & buys a #$%&sucker suit.

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Are the Police your friend? Do you really believe they are required to protect you?  If so, I think you may be somewhat disillusioned. 99 times out of 100, they show up after the fact & look for a “Person of Interest”.  Of course, a Cop is too heavy to carry around. Ever thought about arming yourself ? Perhaps being responsible for your own protection ? What?, you mean to say, I have to be responsible for something ? Yes. We are all responsible for our own personal defense. Do you think anybody else gives a Rats’ Ass whether you’re protected or not ? If a situation arises necessitating self-defense, you won’t have time to consider. The Po-Po are mostly concerned about getting promoted, pay raises, etc. Most complain the job ain’t worth what they’re getting paid to risk their lives. They want their cake & eat it too. They want the POWER that comes with the badge & gun, but don’t want the consequences that go with it. Trust me, there are consequences. Being passed over for promotion being the most serious. Then comes the situation where you might get your ass kicked, or cut, or shot, or run over, etc. Dangerous job. They knew this when they took the job. DUH!  Just as say, factory workers work around dangerous machinery all day. A large majority of  Cop fatalities occur in traffic accidents.  “Get out of my way you @#$#@#%”. Can’t you see I’m enroute to a serious call” ?  The Shit-For-Brains behind the wheel of the Cop car knows where he’s going, but, does anyone else ?  He/she  knows what he’s supposed to do when/if he/she gets there. Does anyone else ? Same thing when guns are drawn. Duh, do I shoot now  ?  Man, this is fun! I get to harass law abiding citizens, shoot anybody I please, eat free donuts, & get paid for it. What a racket !

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