Government Corruption

Sometimes I wonder how our government(s) have become so corrupt. From the local level, all the way to the White House. I’ve stopped wondering. It’s because we have allowed it to happen. Most of the Fed. alphabet agencies seem to be out of control. I thought this was due to a lack of leadership. It isn’t. It is by design. They are encouraged/allowed to run seemingly amok, when they are actually following an agenda. The Communist/Socialist/Nazi agenda. Their goal is power & control. I realize all this has been said, yelled from the rooftops, etc., by others way before me. I appear to be somewhat late. Sometimes it takes a while for the cold hard reality to settle in. I think most are finally beginning to realize what’s happening as Obongos’ poll numbers have slipped, again. If  the feces strikes the rotating oscillator, how many of us will resist? By whatever means necessary? Resist in any way possible now. However small it may seem. The smallest effort is better than apathy. A large number of small efforts can amount to a huge effort.  One twig is easily broken. A bundle of twigs is not.

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