Fast & Furious

This criminal conspiracy called “Operation Fast & Furious”, makes me furious. An absolute felonious, criminal conspiracy!!! Everyone knows it was all about enacting stricter gun laws & justifying a larger ATFE budget. Look for a connection to bloomturds’ “Mayors against Guns”, also? I’m betting this thing is a  very far reaching, broad ,”vast, left-wing conspiracy”. Billary was in on the deal also as a mouthpiece for the U.N. gun banning arms treaty, as well as decrying U.S. gun traffic to Mexico. Then, all of a sudden, silence. She must’a figgered  out that her dept. is also responsible for approving ANY & ALL firearms sent to another country. What must scare these libturds is the fact that this criminal activity slipped out from “under the radar” to a higher altitude. They don’t regret the lives lost, only the fact they have been found out & may be punished. We can only hope.

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