Confidence in Our Government

How many people do you know that still think the Government will do nothing to destroy their rights or harm them ?  When elected govt. officials refuse to honor their oath of office, how can they be trusted to do what is good for this country? Getting reelected seems to be their only concern. Several are proven sexual deviates, perverts, thieves, liars, & self-serving scum. This says a lot about the people that elected them to office. Is this what we expect from elected officials? Oh well, they’re just a politician, they’re expected to lie, cheat, & steal !!!! Seems to be the prevelant attitude among society in general. I suggest we examine candidates more closely & choose more wisely.  Apathy abounds. Seems most just push a button next to a name they have heard or seen on a sign somewhere. Giving little thought to the consequences. It’s all become a popularity contest. If a candidate appears “clean & articulate”, they get votes. Aren’t we, as Americans, supposed to be a little more intelligent than this? Stop falling for the “Bravo Sierra” shoveled out by politicians!!! It’s just two wings of the same bird!!!! The two parties take turns @ us, just like “Good Cop. Bad Cop”. WAKE UP!!!!!! HELLO!!!!!! You’re being screwed again!!!!!!!  I fear we, as Americans, have failed our responsibility. Our ancestors would have been shooting by now.

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