Dog / Deer

Just saw the durndest thing. The dog, a German Shepherd, was nose to nose w/ a doe. The dog would back up & the deer would follow. This continued for abt. 75 yds. from the garden, across the back yard & into the woods. I’ve seen Bella run & leap w/ the deer & try to imitate their movements, but never this. Wouldn’t ya know it. The camera battery is dead.

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Government Corruption

Sometimes I wonder how our government(s) have become so corrupt. From the local level, all the way to the White House. I’ve stopped wondering. It’s because we have allowed it to happen. Most of the Fed. alphabet agencies seem to be out of control. I thought this was due to a lack of leadership. It isn’t. It is by design. They are encouraged/allowed to run seemingly amok, when they are actually following an agenda. The Communist/Socialist/Nazi agenda. Their goal is power & control. I realize all this has been said, yelled from the rooftops, etc., by others way before me. I appear to be somewhat late. Sometimes it takes a while for the cold hard reality to settle in. I think most are finally beginning to realize what’s happening as Obongos’ poll numbers have slipped, again. If  the feces strikes the rotating oscillator, how many of us will resist? By whatever means necessary? Resist in any way possible now. However small it may seem. The smallest effort is better than apathy. A large number of small efforts can amount to a huge effort.  One twig is easily broken. A bundle of twigs is not.

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Fast & Furious

This criminal conspiracy called “Operation Fast & Furious”, makes me furious. An absolute felonious, criminal conspiracy!!! Everyone knows it was all about enacting stricter gun laws & justifying a larger ATFE budget. Look for a connection to bloomturds’ “Mayors against Guns”, also? I’m betting this thing is a  very far reaching, broad ,”vast, left-wing conspiracy”. Billary was in on the deal also as a mouthpiece for the U.N. gun banning arms treaty, as well as decrying U.S. gun traffic to Mexico. Then, all of a sudden, silence. She must’a figgered  out that her dept. is also responsible for approving ANY & ALL firearms sent to another country. What must scare these libturds is the fact that this criminal activity slipped out from “under the radar” to a higher altitude. They don’t regret the lives lost, only the fact they have been found out & may be punished. We can only hope.

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Mitt Who? Gore did you say?

Mitt Romney is the best the Geldicans can do?  You gotta be kiddin’ me!  What a JOKE!  Romney?  Here we go again, same old “good cop, bad cop”.  Why not elect algore?  Just give up, America!  The libturds are going to win again.  UNBELIEVEABLE!  Just when you think people can’t get any more STUPID!  Talk about a balless wonder. What a sissie!  What America needs is John Wayne for president. Yeah, I know it’s an alias, just like odumbo, but, the ideals he stood for are REAL!   Real is what we need, not another phony!  I’m sick & tired of them trying to play me for the fool.  I secede!

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The Retaliation Has Begun

The TSA, in a show of force involving civilian & military assets has begun their retaliation drills in OH, KY, & VA. Their “VIPR” program is up & running.  A TSA security drill against NO specific threat. It has begun. If you’re not prepared, better get that way, NOW. I look for travel to be restricted, checkpoint roadblocks, unlawful searches & seizures of private property to increase, probable further assaults & murders of innocent citizens is coming. “How dare you question our authority!!!!” These alphabet agencies are totally out of control, due to a complete lack of leadership from the district of criminals.

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Gunwalker Hearings

The “Gunwalker/Operation Fast & Furious” hearings have begun. Now we know why the border has been left wide open. To assist in this criminal activity. There are many other participants besides ATFE. Wonder how far the hearings will go??

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Obumbo urges weiner to resign??

Obongo says “If I were you, I’d resign”????? Why don’t odumbo resign???? Same difference. Odumbo is just as unfit as weiner, or is a weiner as unfit as odumbo????? Weiner, Odumbo??? Both are weiners. Soros’ weiners. What a bunch of Maroons!!!! Just when you think they can’t get any more stupid!!!

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“Gunwalker/Fast & Furious Retaliation

Wonder how the govt. thugs will retaliate for this investigation?? I’m betting they will, in some form. They will strike out just like the spoiled, petulant children they are. Just wondering what form it will take. Best be ready.

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Billlary Bailing

Billary wantsOUT!!! She was squawking about U.S. guns going to Mexico long ago. Trying to make the case for stricter gun control laws. Each & every gun sent to a foreign country HAS to be approved by the State Dept., ATFE, etc. I guess all the Gunwalker guns were approved???? @ least by ATFE, anyway, unofficially or not. Billary wants to be out of the country when TSHTF, so she can keep drawing a paycheck & avoid prosecution. This thing goes straight to odumbo. Whether or not he’s caught, remains to be seen. This is part of the “under the radar” gun control measures he expressed to anti-gun traitors (think Brady Bunch) a while back. Traitors all. Our ancestors would be oiling the rope about now. I’m like a kid @ Christmas. I can hardly wait!!!

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Weiners’ Wife Pregnant

Fox news says Rep. Weiners’ wife is pregnant. With a father like Billary, what chance does this child have?? The kid will probably grow up to be another crooked politician, con-artist, thief, womanizer, (whoops, that’s slick willie, not billary), but then again……..

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